8 Ages of War v1.3.0 Release

Overhaul of promotions for land units as well as nerfing of ranged units and small boost to the mili

  1. Multiple Bugfixes

    Nothing particularly exciting in this update, just numerous bug fixes.

    Firstly, quadrireme/frigate/battleship/missile cruisers can now attack land units again. This was caused by a bug Firaxis introduced in Fall '17 Patch, but I fixed it (albeit with a bit of ugly workaround to get that working).

    Also addressed many problems when the game crashes on starting a new game. The way in which the changes are loaded into the game has been redone and the LoadOrder explicitly defined. From testing...
  2. Total revamp of units and promotions for land & sea

    A series of tweaks and balances to make warfare more interesting and more balanced from your first warrior all the way to a highly promoted missile cruisers armada.

    Main changes (complete list of changes found in civilopedia):
    • 10 new promotion trees for the land and sea units!
    • Small changes to the stats of most land units (see table)
    • Completely revamped naval warfare! Naval melee units can now coastal raid (and so can pop goody huts!) and are cheaper. Naval...
  3. Fall patch update

    Tiny changes to the way the mod is handled to ensure it works with the Fall patch. Fixes return to main menu when launching game.

    Save file compatibility maintained