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800 AD 2016-10-05

800 AD

  1. Thor Macklin
    800 AD, the Bulgarian Empire is on the rise, the Khazar khanate is reaching its
    greatest height, and the Abbasid caliphate is rival to Rome in terms of glory and
    might. In the far east the Khmer Empire is born from the ashes of the Chenla
    and the Tang Dynasty faces the mighty Uyghurs to the north.

    This is part of Thor's Timeline series, a short set of scenarios to show some
    of the most dynamic eras in history.

    1. Edited Technology and Social Policies of Arabs to help make them more playable and
    historically accurate.
    2. Removed most lancers
    3. edited techs.
    4. Gave Byzantines accurate social policies.


    1. 800_ad_NX6.png
    2. screenshot_zun.png