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9 British Interfaces 2016-10-05

9 British Interfaces

  1. georgestow
    Well, Steph's been working on this new expanded game doohicky, and I figured I'd try to help by making some interfaces. Unfortunately, these weren't quite what he had in mind, but I figured I might as well finish and post these.
    There are 9 different interfaces here, for 9 different eras of British history, Celtic Britain, Roman Britain, Viking Britain, Medieval Britain, Colonial Britain, Industrial Britain, Imperial Britain, World War Britain and Modern Britain. Obviously, some of these could be used for civs other than the Brits, such as the Celts, Romans, Vikings, India, other European civs and possibly America. Please don't nitpick by saying some of these eras overlap.
    They screens these replace are the 6 advisor screens, the histograph screen, the wonders screen, the demographics screen and the replay screen.
    The preview is much smaller than the actual things, because otherwise we'd have a huuuuge picture taking up your moniter right now.
    Alternate Link:


    1. previewlarge_Te2.jpg