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99 Prop Units for Mods and Scenarios 2016-10-05

99 Prop Units for Mods and Scenarios

  1. tom2050
    99 Prop Units for Mods and Scenarios

    Created for the mod Conquests of Might and Magic III.

    There are other Prop Units (201+61) available, see them here.

    Some units have Civ Colors, some do not. Some have sound files, some do not (because no sound is needed). I have added shadows to some of them. Most all of these have many variations/sizes; see Spoiler for more info.

    A few example units:

    List of Unit Props contained in this download:
    Spoiler :

    Border Gate (9 versions)
    Border Guard (10 versions)
    Derelict Ship
    Favorable Winds (8 versions)
    Fiery Fields (8 versions)
    Kelp (2 versions)
    Keymaster's Tent (9 versions)
    Lava Flow (17 versions)
    Lava Flow - Subterranean/Underground (3 versions)
    Lava Lake (9 versions)
    Lava Lake - Subterranean/Underground (2 versions)
    Magic Plains (8 versions)
    Reef (6 versions)
    Rock / Reef (4 versions)
    Survivor (at sea)

    Unit32, Large/Small pcx, and Sound Files included. These are HoMM3 conversions made for CoMM3 Scenarios.

    Visit my Unit Factory.



    1. unitprops3main_U6P.jpg
    2. derelictship_s2S.gif
    3. fieryfields_BlU.gif
    4. lavaflow_5hv.gif
    5. magicplains_z6J.gif
    6. reef_b2X.gif
    7. survivor_9oI.gif
    8. shipwreck_Pra.gif
    9. lavalakesubt_kr7.gif
    10. kelp_6qU.gif