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A Clash of Kingdoms:1205 AD on GEM 2016-10-05

April 5, 2011
Please find attached A Clash of Kingdoms FINAL VERSION, on GEM, updated to BTS 3.19 with 48 Civilizations included.


- Added the Archduchy of Austria civ in place of the County of Toulouse civ.

- Added 1 new awesome LeaderHead for Lithuania - MINDAUGAS.

- Crusaders forces in the Holy Land have better chances to conquer and hold a city. The army includes units from the following civs (Kingdom of France, Kingdom of England, House of Hohenstaufen, Teutonic Knights, Papal State, Archduchy of Austria, Republic of Venice, Kingdom of Hungary and some scouts and spies units for the Empire of Nicaea and the Latin Empire).

- Implemented tons of significant changes, like extra cities for Scotland, Norway, Rus, Cuman Khanates.

- Improved coastal city placement (Rus have one city that can access the Baltic Sea. Paris has access to the English Channel).

- Most importantly: improved units initial placement at the game start - so that all the civs have units in the areas where major historical events are taking place (i.e. Crusades, Mongol Invasions etc) and are immediately directly affected by such conflicts.

- Updated Difficulty Coefficient taking into account all the aforementioned modifications.

In conclusion, this update makes it soo much better than what it was before! :D

The mod includes over 25 new leaders that are all medieval ones and add a lot to the flavor of this pre-gunpowder game (see below for screenshots).

Vlad Dracul (Hungary), Ivan the Terrible (Rus), Joan of Arc (France), The Pope (Papal State), Sobieski (Toulouse), Alaric (Sweden), Makeda (Georgia), Casimir (Hohenstaufen), Henry VIII (England), Kuchlug (Cuman Khanates), Alexander Nevskiy (Teutonic Knights), Idris (Almohades), Afonso Henriques (Bohemia) etc...

Recommended for computers with minimum 2GB of Ram.

The NEW discussion thread is located:

Thanks to Jeelen for his continuous constructive criticism :)
Thanks to The Capo, Ekmek, Amra and the Civ Gold team for all their great Leaderheads.
Based on IJnavy 1100AD on GEM.
Last but not least, kudos to Genghis Kai, for creating the outstanding GEM.

The scenario begins right after the Crusaders and the Venetians re-routed the 4th crusade toward Constantinople, sacking the city (1204 AD), tearing apart the Byzantine Empire and naming Baldwin IX of Flanders as Emperor of the newborn Latin Empire.
In the aftermath Venice controls the Aegean Sea (Crete, Corfu) while the Emperor of Nicea, Theodore I Laskaris, tries to reclaim Constantinople from the Latins - well aware that from Anatolia the Seljuk Turks still cast a long shadow over its land. In the meanwhile the Bulgarian Empire tries to take advantage of the conflict to expand its border in Greece and towards the Black Sea.
In the Holy Land Jerusalem fell to Saladin (1187 AD), and Edessa to the Seljuks, leaving Acre as the only crusaders state left standing.
In Europe England has lost its possession in Normandy to the Kingdom of France, but has managed to extend its control over Ireland, subduing the gaelic tribes. The Holy Roman Empire is ravaged by a brutal war for the throne - Frederick II of Hohenstaufen - with the blessing of Pope Innocent III and the support of Ottokar I of Bohemia - wages war against the usurper - Otto IV of Brunswick of the House of Welf. Would the Kingdoms of Poland, France, England, Hungary and the Republic of Venice observe passively? or would they join the fray to influence the outcome?
In Scandinavia the kingdom of Sweden continues to clash with the Kiev Rus while the Danish Baltic Sea Empire of Valdemar II extends from Iceland to Estonia.
In Iberia, the Reconquista has been going on for nearly a century: the Kingdoms of Castile-Leon, Aragon and Portugal continue to advance south, fighting the powerful Almohads Caliphate.
In the Far East the Mongol Horde is ready to march and eyes with greed the wealthy lands of the Song, Jin and Xi Xia dynasties.
In the Americas the Maya and the Incas still live a peaceful existence even tough in the northern mountains, around the lake of Mexico, a bellicose tribe of fanatic warrior called Aztecs is on the rise...


- Europe:
Kingdom of Castile-Leon (2 cities), Kingdom of Portugal (2 cities), Papal State (1 city. Rome, of course), Archduchy of Austria (2 cities), Kingdom of France (6), Holy Roman Empire: Hohenstaufen Dynasty (5), Holy Roman Empire: Welf Dynasty (4), Kingdom of England (5), Kingdom of Scotland (2), Kingdom of Bohemia (1), Kingdom of Poland (2), Kingdom of Denmark (3), Principalities of Rus (6), Kingdom of Hungary (4), Republic of Venice (3), Kingdom of Serbia (1), Bulgarian Empire (3), Byzantine Empire/Empire of Nicea (3) [soon to become 4, if Constantinople is retaken], Kingdom of Sweden (3), Kingdom of Norway (5), Latin Empire (3), Teutonic Order (0) [soon to become 4], Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1), Novgorod Republic (4).

- Africa:
Almohads Caliphate (8), Ayubbid Sultanate (9), Mali Empire (2 settlers), Ethiopian Empire (3).

- Middle East:
Kingdom of Georgia (3), Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (2), Seljuk Turks Caliphate (3), Abbasid Caliphate (2), Khwarezmian Empire (8).

- India:
Delhi Sultanate (4), Hindu States (5), Chola Empire (3).

- Americas:
Inca Empire (1), Maya (2), Aztec Empire (2 settlers).

- Far East & Asia:
The Mongols (3) [Soon to become 7-8], Kara Khitai Khanate (4), Cuman Khanates (5), Korea (2), China: Song Dynasty (6), China: Jin Dynasty (5), Khmer Empire (3), Japanese Empire (4).
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