A set of twelve 5th Century leaderheads

A set of twelve 5th Century leaderheads 2022-08-03

A set of twelve 3D animated 5th Century leaderheads (single era with pcxs). Created by Rob (R8XFT) and released in August 2004. Converted from .ace to .zip format and re-uploaded by Jorsalfare. Note: The pcx files for Aspar of the Alan was missing.
The pack is split into 3 parts due to file size restrictions.

Original thread

Part 1: Alaric, Aspar, Attila and Chlodio.
Part 2: Drust mac Erp, Geiseric, Gundahar and Hengist.
Part 3: Justinian, Owain Ddantwyn, Theodoric and Valentinian

Sample preview of Hengist of the Saxons:
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  1. Trying to upload all 3 parts....

    Another attempt to upload all 3 parts in one go. Wish it was possible to preview the upload...
  2. Second attempt to upload part 1

    Only part 2 and 3 got uploaded. Trying to add part 1.
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