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A World in Arms: US Army of WW2 Part III 2017-09-23

US Army WW2 War

  1. imperator1961
    Here part III of US Army of WW2:
    US M4A3 Sherman 75mm, US M4A3E2 Sherman 76mm Jumbo, US M4A3E8 HVSS Sherman Easy Eight, US M4A3E8 HVSS Sherman Uparmored, US M5 3Inch AT Gun, US M5A1 Light Tank, US M6 Dodge WC 37mm AT, US M7 Priest, US M8 Greyhound, US M8 H.M.C, US M10 Wolverine, US M12 GMC 155 Howitzer, US M16 AA, US M18 Hellcat, US M24 Chaffee, US M26 Pershing, US M29 Weasel, US M36 Jackson, US M37 HMC 105 GMC, US M45 Quadmount AA, US M45 Quadmount AA Sandbag, US M101A1 105 Howitzer, US M114 155mm Howitzer, US M155 203mm, US Marine, US Marine BAR, US Marine Bazooka, US Marine Browning 50cal. HMG, US Marine Early, US Marine Early Lewis MG, US Marine Early M3 37mm AT Gun, US Marine Early M3 Stuart.