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A World in Arms: US Army of WW2 2017-09-23

US army of ww2

  1. imperator1961
    Here the first part of US Army of ww2 units:
    US Combat Engineer Explosive, US 105mm Gun T8 AT, US 155mm C M1915, US CCKW Truck, US Coastal Battery, US Coastal Gun Emplacement, US Combat Engineer, US Combat Engineer D7 Bulldozer, US Combat Engineer Mine Clearing, US Engineer, US GMC 6X6 Truck, US GMC DUKW, US Infantry, US Infantry BAR, US Infantry Bazooka, US Infantry Browning 50cal. HMG, US Infantry Early, US Infantry Early Dodge WC 3-4 Ton M1919 HMG AA, US Infantry Early M3 37mm AT Gun, US Infantry Early M1917 Browning MG,US Infantry Early M1919 HMG, US Infantry Early Mortar Team, US Infantry Early Thompson, US Infantry Early Willys Jeep 37mm AT Gun, US Infantry Grenadier, US Infantry Harley Davidson, US Infantry M1 Carbine, US Infantry M2 Flamethrower, US Infantry M3 37mm AT Gun, US Infantry M3A1, US Infantry M3A1, US Infantry M16 Multiple Rocket Launcher, US Infantry M1917 Browning MG, US Infantry M1919 HMG, US Infantry Mortar Team, US Infantry Recoilless Gun, US Infantry Thompson, US Infantry Willys Jeep .30mm MG, US LTV Water Buffalo, US LTV(A)-1.

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