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AAT 2016-10-05

UPDATE: The download for this unit is now updated. I have made changes to the AAT by giving it an improved pallette and taking care of a few other minor tweaks.

The Trade Federation's workhorse unit the Armored Assault Tank a.k.a AAT is my latest work. I started on this unit last spring, but I just now got around to finishing it. The unit includes sounds and full civilopedia data so Enjoy!

NOTE: Unit works best with the "Ranged Attack Animation" flag turned on in the editor.

Civilopedia: Developed by the Baktoid Armor Workshop, the marriage of repulsorlift and heavy armor has resulted in a formidable hover tank known as the "Armored Assault Tank" which can be abbreviated as AAT. These assault tanks form the frontline of the Trade Federation's armored infantry divisions. The AAT requires a crew of four battle droids to operate: a commander, a pilot, and two gunners. The vehicle's maximum speed is clocked at 55 kilometers per hour.

The AAT's primary laser cannon has long-range destructive capability, and is bracketed by a pair of mounted secondary laser cannons. Contained in the forward edge of the tank's armored repulsorlift shroud are six energized projectile launchers capable of delivering specialized payloads. The tank contains three separate magazines from which to draw warheads: high-energy plasma shells, armor-piercing warheads, and high explosive "bunker busting" shells.
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