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Abaoji v2 2016-10-05

Abaoji v2

  1. veBear
    Here's the second and last version of Abaoji. I will upload another version too, but that won't be Abaoji, but another mamluk leader :)

    Quick Civilopedia draft:
    Abaoji, also known as Emperor Taizu of Liao, was the first emperor of the Liao dynasty. He managed to become emperor even when his grandfather got killed and his father and uncle fled from the country. Under his reign, he introduced a dual administration system in which nomadic steppe peoples would be governed by steppe traditions and sedentary populations in conquered Balhae and north China would be governed by a civil bureaucracy drawn largely on Chinese methods. While this did not receive universal support from tribal leaders due to the erosion of their own powers, this became the model that later steppe peoples would use to govern their diverse empires. He also built a new capital and adopted chinese court formalities in which he declared himself Celestial Emperor in the Chinese-style and adopted a reign name. He also ordered the development of the Khitan Script.

    Enjoy :king: and remember to check out my other LHs

    Wolfshanes tutorial on installing a custom LH

    Credits goes to amra for scimitar ;)


    1. aba2_1_2PV.jpg
    2. aba2_2_TA0.jpg
    3. aba2_3_TKD.jpg
    4. aba2_4_RB5.jpg