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Aboriginal Civilization 2016-10-05

Aboriginal Civilization

  1. Hiram

    Adds the Aboriginal (Indigenous Australian) civilization to the game. Requires the Brave New World expansion.

    Leader: Jandamarra
    Trait: Dreamtime - Start the game with 50 faith, allowing for the immediate foundation of a pantheon. All land combat units receive the Survivalism I promotion.
    UU: Woomera - Unique to the Aboriginal civilization, available from Agriculture. Cheaper and defensively stronger than the Archer it replaces, has greater mobility and can move after attacking.
    UB: Bora Ring - produces +1 faith per turn in addition to +1 culture. +15 experience for land units built in a city with a Bora Ring. Replaces Monument.

    Art credits:
    Diplomacy screen - LastSword
    Bora Ring and Jandamarra icons - AggressiveWimp
    Map - TPangolin
    Music Credits:
    "Didgeridoo meets orchestra" - William Barton, Bruce Rogers
    "River's Symphony" - Sean O'Boyle, William Barton, The Queensland Orchestra


    1. aikwpdd_yIR.jpg