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AD 1206 The Mongols! BTS 3.17 2016-10-05

The Mongols Version 1.00!

Updated February 2nd 2009!

Welcome to the year of Genghis Khan 1206AD. Here you will be able to play as the Mongolian Hordes, Seljuk Turks, Ayyubids, Sung Dynasty, Holy Roman Empire, Byzantines, Kievan Rus, and many other civilizations that dominated the world at this period of time. You will be able to fight as Genghis Khan and live up to his legacy or try to conquer your neighboring foes. There are many other challenges that you will face, some of which are, keeping your empire and defending against or play as the Mongolian Hordes, build a strong and long lasting Islamic empire while conquering Europe, conquer the Americas while defending against European invaders, and conquering the known world while maintaining a standing government.

Whats happening in the World:
The year is 1206AD. Just recently in 1200AD Genghis Khan united the small Mongolian tribes and turned them into a near invincible Empire that he intends to use to conquer the world. In Europe the Seljuk Empire is holding it's ground against it's enemys, while they recieve help from the European Crusaders. In Spain their is a massive problem with a not enough room to expand that has led them to war and to try and find new unsettled lands. In the America's new civilizations are emerging like the Aztecs and Incans while the previous Empires are being destroyed.

Scenario Description:
The Mongols is the biggest scenario ever created for Civilization IV with a whopping 39 civilizations to play as! Even though the scenario is titled as "The Mongols" I have allowed you to play as any civilization therefore giving you more challenge. I have also made two maps that you can play on, one is titled "The Mongols in the East" and it is a map of East Asia this map only has 11 civilizations but each of them offer their own uniqueness to players. The other map is titled "The Mongolian Horde" this is a world map with all 38 Empires placed on it!

Future plans:
If I have another release I hope to add an new tech tree, UU's and UB's for all civilizations, and possibly a Europe map, I will definitely add a ton of events I already have them planned out just need to get them into a script!

Scenario info:
Both of the maps are set on a slightly tweaked Marathon Gamespeed, and have require complete kills, new random seed on reload, and aggressive AI on. The Mongols in the East is a limited time game which ends after 250 turns of play, and has these victory conditions enabled: Time, Conquest, Domination, and Diplomatic. The Mongolian Horde goes on until 2050 and has all victory conditions enabled.

Discussion HERE

Credits and Special thanks:
The Navy Seal for making the scenario, researching important events, civilizations etc. Making the Sapa Inca LH. And making the scenario a reality.
Zebra 9 for the Mongolian Camp python code.
Rhye for the earth map.
Amra for two LH's that I added.
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