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Ad Victoriam 1.1

Civ 6 core revamp and improvement compendium.

  1. ITcore
    This was a personal project of mine for a while now. The core concept was to take a lot of great ideas of either my own or from other mods and to combine them into one cohesive mod. It eventually snowballed into a revamp of almost every little thing you could find in the games files.

    This is not a mod for people who like a balanced game. Much like real life, there are civilizations and nations who are more powerful than others. Early game Rome will be a lot stronger with buffed Legions than, for example, Brazil, who's bonuses are more geared to mid-to-late game. But that's the fun of it, in my opinion. Not everyone has an equal footing in the world and I hope that this mod can exemplify that.

    With the odds stacked against you, can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

    List of Changes

    • Every civilization and leader (except the Kongo/Mvemba) has been touched.
    • Kongo/Mvemba already have incredibly powerful bonuses.
    • Some old traits were removed for new ones while others have had things added.
    • Several civilizations have an extended or altered City Names list.
    • Added some more Start Biases to help get Civs into their best starting spot.
    • Every leader has a new color scheme. Some are completely different than before while others were minor tweaks.


    • Adjusted warmonger and war weariness penalties. Not as harsh overall.
    • Adjusted diplomacy values to make the AI not so spastic while also punishing things like breaking a promise.
    • Complete overhaul of random agendas. All are built brand new with more variables for more unique games.
    • Massively beefed up governments. Each one has a sleuth of new modifiers to make them fit into better niches.
    • Some old policies have been buffed up a bit.
    • Several new policies added for more diversity in your game.


    • Changed yields for some tiles and features.
    • Resources are buffed a bit too. Why does Cattle only give 1 Food?
    • Natural Wonders have much stronger yield increases.
    • Includes Gold Resource! (if you have Australia DLC)
    • Changed a few things about improvements including some new things for some of the unique ones.
    • Includes support for Sukritact's Resources but it is not required.
    • Includes support for Sukritact's Fuji and Tonle Sap Natural Wonders.


    • Majority of buildings have been changed in some way. Most give bonus yields for certain resources you have improved.
    • Most districts have been touched, too. Maintenance costs have been added to help balance the economy.
    • Districts have adjacency changes as well. City Centers get them, too!
    • World Wonders now feel...well...wonderful!
    • New district projects added.


    • Almost every unit has had their movement changed.
    • Light cavalry move faster than Heavy cavalry, all the time.
    • Late-game ranged units have much longer ranges.
    • New resource handling to give you a bonus to certain things based on what resources you control.


    • Several parameters have been changed.
    • Changes range from Barbarians being less of a pain to Goody Huts being much more worth it.
    • World Wonders have been made much more expensive.
    • Trade Routes have been completely changed. There are now certain costs involved but the benefits will always be worth it.


    • Sukritact's Historicity is included in the game files.
    • Went a step further and a lot of historical things were changed in the text. Examples include Indonesia being referred to as the Majapahit Empire and Philip II being named Felipe II.


    This mod wouldn't exist without the hard work and great ideas of many content creators out there. Before publishing this, I always asked the original creator for permission to include the code. As such, I'd like to thank them for their contribution to this project
    • Iroh-Q - Dynamic Diplomacy - Great friend and modder, helped me out of many jams. Top thanks go to him.
    • Squid Pro Quo/isau - Quo's Combined Tweaks - My core inspiration for starting modding. Whole project started off as a modified version of his mod. I can't thank him enough.
    • JFD - Rule with Faith - Inspiration for government changes and policies. One of the best out there.
    • p0kiehl - Improved Civs + City Names - Really helped with Civs I couldn't figure out a new trait for. He has amazing ideas.
    • Gedemon - Combat and Stacking Overhaul[forums.civfanatics.com] - The vast majority of which is the resource overhaul in this mod. Gedemon is probably THE best Civ modder out there.
    • Napstablook/Magil - Wondrous Wonders - Thank you so much for your Wonder changes and economy inspiration. You made them truly wonderful (no pun intended)
    • TheCrazyScot - Improved Forts and Engineers and Free Walls for City-States Another huge inspiration for the entire project. Omnibus was the best overhaul around for a long time. His Forts mod is what I used to make them worthwhile in my mod. Thank you.
    • Harmonica - Good Goody Huts - Thank you for letting me use the code. I couldn't make heads or tails of Goody Huts parameters but you made them worth popping.
    • Butter - Improved Aqueduct District - Aqueducts are my favorite district and he had the right idea. Thank you for improving them, they so desperately needed it.
    • ceddybearrr - Additional City Projects - Thank you for the code and the inspiration for other projects.


    This is not an exhaustive list. There will be many more incompatibilities as other mods will want to do things that this one does.
    Squid Pro Quo/isau's Quo's Combined Tweaks - Some parts have been used in this mod. Both are much too large to ever have been able to work together either way.
    • Pouakai's Gold Resource - Included in game files - Still requires Australian DLC to appear in-game.
    • Harmonica's Good Goody Huts - Partially included in game files.
    • Napstablook/Magil's Wondrous Wonders - World Wonder changes are included and expanded upon. National Wonders are not included so that version will work.
    • Iroh-Q's Dynamic Diplomacy - Included in the game files.
    • My very own Immersive Dialogue - Included, of course!
    • Also my own Historical Citizen Names - Needless to say, included.
    The thing about mod compatibility is it can sometimes be incredibly restrictive while other times it won't care what's loading. The vast majority of my mod is database changes and modifier insertion. Therefore, it should be compatible with most other mods. This mod will have a large load order number which will force it to load last in most cases. Therefore, any mod that changes the same thing as mine will be written over by mine. Example, if you have a mod that changes a Roman Legions combat strength to 100 and gives them an ability. That ability will still show up but my mod will overwrite the strength change.