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AD1640 North America -- Warlords 2016-10-05

AD 1640 North America
Warlords only
If the Link doesn't work, get your file here:

European powers by now have established a few colonies in North America. Ships just arrived from Europe with news of a horrendous plague there. Everyone in Europe is dead and the land is poisoned. The crews and their passengers are the last survivors. The colonies are now on their own. No further shipments are to be expected from Europe. Meanwhile the native tribes struggle to survive and plan their own continental hegemony.

The initial setup is (approx.) historical. This scenario is otherwise intended as an alternate history. The map covers the northern continent from the Eastern Seaboard to the Mississippi, and from Quebec down to Florida.

This update includes 20 playable CIVs. Four are Europeans (France, England, Netherlands, and Spain). The other 16 are Native American nations, plus a number of "barbarian" tribes. The four Europeans are pretty even. If you plan on trying out the American Indians, the easier ones should be the western tribes and the Abenakis. The others will be more challenging, especially Iroquois, Hurons, Algonquins, Shawnees, Choctaws, etc.

Read Post #1 in the discussion thread for game hints and other important notes about overall strategy and game changes.

The folders are zipped in AD1640 North America.rar. This is now Version 2.5 as of August 6th 2007. Download and unzip the file into the Warlords Mods folder. Your folders should be as follows:

Main folder: Warlords\Mods\AD1640 North America
Sub Folders: Assets, Public Maps (+1 various .ini & readme files)

When done, drag & drop the shortcut icon from the scenario's Mods folder to your desktop. Launch the scenario directly by double-clicking the shortcut from your desktop, or by double-clicking the WBSAVE file located in the scenario's Public Maps folder. Otherwise, load the mod from the game's menu. After the mod is loaded, go to Single Player, Play a Scenario, and select AD 1640 North America.
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