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AdhansasPatchmodAddOn V1.1 2016-10-05

AdhansasPatchmodAddOn V1.1

  1. ADHansa
    Designed for playing with patchmod and large fairweather mod with somewhat fewer rivers.

    Download files amd extract. Add the asset folder into the asset folder of the mod/patchmod, replacing existing files.
    Replace the fairweather file in the publicmaps folder with the fairweather file from the fw folder

    Changes v1.1 :

    Trade: Trading with indians should now go from selling guns and horses with big profit to guns, horses, prossessed goods and trade goods with medium profit. It is still a nice way to make money but not such a nobrainer.
    All goods now have fixed starting costs. Think it is easier to play the game when one can take it from memore what the stating costs are.
    Trade goods now are bought and sold for 1, but the cost is volatile to nerf overselling.
    Indians pay less for guns and they cost a bit more. Still worthwhile to sell of starting guns and requuered guns but it is now a real decision wether to arm the indian or not.
    Horses costs more, but are still a pretty good trade when required by the indians.

    Immigration: Churches and preachers are now more economical than just hurrying immigration.
    Hurrying now cost 20+20 per cross.

    Units: Added two supercivilians, mostly to boost a few founding fathers. Entrepreneurs, masters at building and experts at refininishing goods added. Scholars, masters att bell production added. Both are unteachable, appears in rare occasions at the docks, bought for a high cost or are brought as free units by some founding fathers.

    Founding Fathers: Hopefully most FF should be close to balansed and appear in an intresting order. At least thats my intention. And you can now get all all unitclasses through FF if by any chance there are no villages that train them.
    Many founding fathers have new traits and costs.
    Founding Fouthers each have a uniquie PP cost and always appear in order of lowest PP cost if requirements are met.
    Exploration and Trade FF requires much more trade points/exploration points
    5 FF added, Villarroel, Brûle, Usselincx, De Salle and Heyn.
    Powhattan removed.

    Goody hut: Just thought exploring bacame i little bit to profitable so i nerfed it.
    Decreased gold in huts

    Opinions amd suggestions wanted.