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Advanced Artillery Units V1

Improved artillery units

  1. sman1975
    This mod adds 2 advanced artillery units to the game: Laser Artillery and Railgun Artillery.

    1. Laser Artillery: Combat strength 55, ranged 90. Cost 500. Available at Lasers. Uses modified XCom combat animations.

    2. Railgun Artillery: Combat strength 65, ranged 120. Cost 600. Available at Nuclear Fusion. Uses modified GDR "railgun" combat animations.

    Apologies in advance on the screenshots. They just don't capture the "mini-movie" of the combat animations as they resolve.

    Laser Artillery:

    upload_2018-4-3_8-31-21.jpeg upload_2018-4-3_8-31-35.jpeg upload_2018-4-3_8-31-53.jpeg

    Railgun Artillery:

    upload_2018-4-3_8-32-28.jpeg upload_2018-4-3_8-32-41.jpeg upload_2018-4-3_8-32-54.jpeg

    Discussion thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/smans-unit-laboratory.630993/
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