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Advisor Screen Template 1.1 2016-10-05

Advisor Screen Template 1.1

  1. WildWeazel
    Update to 1.1: added layers for Replay, Histograph, and Wonder screens

    This is a .psd file (Photoshop native format, but can be used by GIMP and PSP as well) for making backgrounds for screens F1-F7. Here's a brief tutorial:

    The image has several layers. Place your background image or texture on the layer "Background Image." If you use an image you may need to blur and/or lighten it so that the text will be readable. Fill the solid black area on "Border Pattern" (and "ALL ADVISORS" for F1-F6 screens) with the desired texture or color. Then make the appropriate advisor layer and header layer visible, flatten the image, and index it to 256 colors. For the Foreign and Science Advisor screens, only the bottom 3 and top layers should be visible. For the Wonders screen, only the bottom 2 and top layers. The only layer needing any other editing is the MILITARY layer, which has white boxes to be filled with a texture.