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Aeterna Civitas II Freeplay 2016-10-05

Aeterna Civitas II Freeplay

  1. Nicheal
    This Ancient Scenario was created by McMonkey for MGE and as PBEM.
    Aeterna Civitas II by McMonkey
    To play this brilliant one single player (and better PBEM) i re-created it.
    Now i call this MGE free and enjoyable Two.Zero Version Aeterna Civitas II Freeplay by McMonkey.
    If you want to play a great and real-like Scenario, you should play this one....:king:

    The Rules.txt is well-balanced so that your Units and Improvements are expensive and
    well-played through Wars and Cities. The Events.txt allows more Unit-Types and
    an excellent War with many surprising and historical beats in. A nice MGE Scenario.

    The Rules.txt. The Events.txt. The .SCN were slightly changed.

    Have fun !


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