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Affinity As Yields - BERT 2016-10-05

Affinity As Yields - BERT

  1. HandyVac
    Affinity points are gained as yields from tiles your city works.

    See discussion thread for further details.

    version 10: added tooltips and support for building yields.

    version 17: added yield-per-turn info to top of screen affinity-level tooltips. Added support for perks modifying building yields.

    version 18: adjusted yield values from buildings and wonders.

    version 22: optimised code for speed. Changed affinity filters in techweb so they highlight buildings & improvements with the new affinity yields.

    version 23: fixed to work with the winter patch.

    version 24: added icons for affinity yield to production list and city buildings list.

    version 25: city screen now shows total affinity yields for the city, alongside other yields.

    Spoiler :
    Integrating Machiavelli's Policies Grant Perks snippet.

    Changing Adaptive Sciences virtue - now gives +20% to all affinity yields in your capital city.

    Spoiler :
    Adding support for perks to change the affin yields of improvements and terrain features

    Removing base affin yields from basic tile improvements - these are now unlocked by leaf techs instead.

    Spoiler :
    generators now buildable on any resource (but does not count as improving resources, or connect strategics).

    adding Library Server as a Supremacy alternative to Relic.

    Affinity level thresholds increase at a more exponential curve then before. I.e. early levels will be earned more quickly and later ones more slowly.

    Spoiler :
    Changing building quest for Relic - one option removes it's Purity yield.

    Adding building quest for Library Server - one option removes it's Supremacy yield

    Changing building quest for Cytonursery - One choice replaces base Purity yield with Harmony and buffs city HP

    Removing base affin yield from Vivarium
    Changing building quest for Vivarium - Food choice grants Purity yield, Science choice grants Harmony yield

    Spoiler :
    added Hybrid Jungle improvement - a Harmony equivelant to the Terrascape, buildable only on forests

    Forests are buildable by Workers

    Changing Ecoscaping virtue to apply to Hybrid Jungle as well as Terrascape

    Moving Terrascape to a leaf tech, so the AI is less likely to spam them everywhere

    Spoiler :
    added Arbor Mill building - boosts production from forests, is mutually exclusive with Mass Digester

    Spoiler :
    Integrated lilgamefreek's Modular Building Quests snippet - this will allow compatability with other mods adding building quests with ths snippet.

    Quests for the following buildings now affect their affinity yields:
    - Laboratory
    - Recycler
    - Arbor Mill
    - Water Plant
    - Network
    - Pharmalab
    - Laboratory
    - Autoplant
    - Launch Complex

    Spoiler :
    Fixed bug where running this mod with another mod that adds new PlayerPerks could cause the game to crash.

    Spoiler :
    Complete overhaul of which buildings provide affinity and how much.
    - Buildings with an affinity level prerequisite now yield that number of points per turn.
    - Some buildings are now grouped into mutually exclusive trios (one yielding each affinity), so that only one may be built in a city.
    - All wonders give percentage modifiers to affinity yields (sometimes to more than one).

    Added several new buildings
    - Municipal Yeastworks
    - Milk Orchard
    - Extrusion Works
    - Sonic Minefield
    - Colonial Seedbank
    - Colonial Power Grid
    - Colonial Nature Reserve
    - Imperial Mining Guild
    - Imperial Defense Net
    - Imperial Forestry Comission

    Basic Tile Improvements like mines, farms and generators no longer yield affinity by default. These yields are unlocked by building a Colonial or Imperial Wonder.

    Added rudimentry AI helper script, to ensure AI builds the new Colonial and Imperial wonders.

    Added compatability with Awesome Affinities (And Delayed Victories) and ImprovedAffinity mods.

    Updated UI overrides to work with BERT.

    Added affinity yields to new BERT wonders.
    Added diplo capital yields to the mutualy-exclusive variants of the Old Earth Relic and Civil Creche.

    Added appropriate affinity yields to new aquatic tile improvements (with correct colonial/imperial wonder)


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