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Africa - Carthage 2018-01-23

Carthage Early Units

  1. JTitan

    All sets and future sets have more classes such as Stone Age and Bronze Age and, depending on what has been created already, ancient and medieval: spearman, swordsman, and horseman.


    TW: Enguerrand and the french TW community, Europa Barbarorum Team and Europa Barbarorum II Team.

    Civ IV: Bakuel, Chuggi and Realism Invictus Team

    Civ V: Deliverator for his very helpful tool, NexusBuddy


    The chariot for Ethiopia requires Danrell's chariot animations.

    Thank you and enjoy!


    Images and details: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/africa.485554/


    1. Carthaginian_(Civ5).png