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Africa Mod for C3C! 2016-10-05

Africa Mod for C3C!

  1. Huayna Capac357
    Here is my Africa mod for C3C! I am personally very proud of it. It adds Nubia, Mali, Matamba, Madagascar, and Ethiopia with Unique Units, city lists, leaders, and civilopedia entries. It also adds an African culture group with city styles and population heads (at the expense of the Mediterranean one). Continually, it adds Tang Taizong and Chu-Ko-Nu for China with appropriate civilopedia, leaders, city lists, traits, and (I think) colors as well as Ogedei_the_mad's China city styles. In other words, it adds the contents of my China Mod v. 2.0 as well as 5 new African civs and their culture group.

    Credits go to:


    If there are any glitches or errors, or you have suggestions, please let me know.