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Age Of Coal & Iron 2016-10-05

Age Of Coal & Iron

  1. HandyVac
    Partial tech tree replacement with new units, buildings and techs.

    Replaces the industrial era onwards with a "steampunk" or "scientific romance" style alternate history, a world of steam-powered tanks, ironclad naval vessels, mechanical calculating engines and cannons firing men to the moon.


    - 17 new techs inspired by historical 18th and 19th century inventions.
    - 19 new units to fight on land air and sea. (including 4 replacement unique units and 1 new Great Person)
    - 10 new buildings to bring your cities into the Gaslamp Era.
    - 3 new World Wonders and 1 new National Wonder.

    Miscellanious Changes:

    - Oil, Aluminium and Uranium are all disabled in this mod, so Civs with traits that gave a bonus to any of these instead get a bonus to the Coal or Iron resources.
    - Coal and Iron are more strategically important than in the vanilla game, since they are now required for many late-game units and buildings.
    - The science victory now consists of building a Space Cannon to launch a manned capsule to the moon.
    - Unique Units specific to the modern or later eras have been replaced: Germany now gets the Zeppelin airship, America the Wright Bomber, Japan the Steam Mecha and Brazil the Riachuelo battleship.
    - Archaeologists replaced by Great Explorers, who can culture-bomb as well as doing archaeology.


    Requires both Brave New World and Gods & Kings expansion packs, since the mod uses art assets from scenarios in both these expansions.


    1. coalandironlogo_s1H.jpg
    2. screenshot_1Az.jpg
    3. screenshottech_VuW.jpg