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Age of Constantine: The Christian Empire 2016-10-05

In the year 305 AD the Emperor Diocletian retired to Salona (Split) to grow cabbages. On the 25th of July the following year, Constantine was declared the Western Augustus by his loyal troops at Eburaca (York). Historically he marched against the usurper Maxentius who had taken over the Western Dyarchy annexing Gaul and then moved into the Italian penninsula. Whilst in the north of the penninsula one night whilst looking up to the sky he is said to have seen the Divine Vision -X and P-Chi Rho-the first two Greek letters of C and R-CRISTOS-Christ with the words 'HOC VINCE' meaning With This Conquer. And so he did, marching against the Eastern Augustus Licinius, an in-law of Constantine's yet this was no reason to give up the chance to reign supreme. First the province of Pannonia is conquered, and then the entire Eastern Dyarchy. While Constantine was chasing Licinius into Asia via the Bosphorus, he noticed how important the little town of Byzantion was strategically and decided to refound the town in honour of his new faith on Monday the 11th of May 330 AD. This was to be his New Rome known to later ages as 'Constantinopolis'. Bring back glory to the Roman State or take the side of Constantine's foes and seek your own objectives.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE
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