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Age of Imperialism 2016-10-05

Age of Imperialism

  1. Red Door
    It's 1903 and the colonial powers are entreched all throughout the globe. The major European countries have colonized nearly all of Africa and Indonesia. The Philippines is under American control and the Ottomans are in charge of most of the Middle East. Take the wheel of your favorite colonial power and see if you can change the course of time! Build a big and muscular navy with Dreadnoughts and armoured cruisers or focus on your capitalistic ambitions and build wonders that autoproduce Colonists and Settlers. Or you can take control of one of the smaller civs and see if you can leave your mark on Civilization.

    Also, this will soon be re-done by El Justo.

    The Main Thread: Age of Imperialism - Deluxe Edition

    Get the .biq here.