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AGE OF PIRACY for ToT 2019-04-29

AGE OF PIRACY a Civ II scenario by Shay Yates Roberts converted for ToT

  1. gapetit
    Run up the jolly roger and set sail for a life of infamy! You are about to become a buccaneer during the golden age of piracy (1665-1730 AD). A king's ransom awaits you on the high seas, if you're bold enough to claim it.

    AGE OF PIRACY is unlike any scenario you have experienced. Here is just a sampling of the adventures that await you...

    1) Defeat enemy treasure ships with new naval artillery designed to fire at long range, or opt to close in and carry out a boarding action.

    2) Search the shoreline for hidden treasure, or comb the sea for the riches of sunken ships.

    3) Hijack mule trains hauling gold and silver from the mines of the new world.

    4) Lead shore parties into ancient jungles to loot the wealth of lost cities.

    As you embark on these treasure quests, be prepared for the many special events that will suddenly occur. Some events are random, some historically scheduled, and all are certain to create a dynamic challenge.

    If you haven't already guessed, AGE OF PIRACY is about gold. As a Pirate King, your aim is to become as rich as possible and retire into a life of leisure. Conquering cities and holding territory is for civilized nations. Your goal is to loot and pillage! Your final score is based on the size of your treasure chest, not the size of your population.

    The life of the average Buccaneer was harsh and dangerous. Many perils lurk. Steer your ships clear of the coral reefs and sandbars. Avoid naval warships looking to snare you in their patrols. Beware of sudden hurricanes that will ravish your vessels and cities.

    Don't expect this to be easy. You are outlawed and outgunned. Every unit you have is a precious commodity. Historically, the most successful pirates were the smartest, not the fiercest. You must be a strategist to excel at this sport.

    If your courage still holds, read on! The following information is critical to your success....