Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) - [DISCONTINUED] 2.8.7

Tech tree changes, naval movement increased, aiming for historical "accuracy"

  1. Knasp
    STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX)

    A mod for all who enjoy more historical accuracy or historical resemblence for their Civilization experience. Basically this mod is a collection of fixes for annoyances and nitpicks, a revision of the entire tech tree and various gameplay changes. I've been changing and tweaking a lot of things without adding new content. The exceptions of course being the buildings and techs added by Dunklosteus for his Agricultural Revolution mod: Archive and Hospital.

    Built upon but not compatible with Agricultural Revolution by Dunklosteus.

    Requires both Expansions! Not compatible with Frontier Pass as far as I'm aware.

    UPDATE: This mod is now discontinued and will no longer be updated by me. If anyone else wants to take the code and make their own mod, feel free! But remember to mention me and the people who's work I've used in the credits.