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Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) 2.8.6

Tech tree changes, naval movement increased, aiming for historical "accuracy"

  1. Lots of changes!


    Descriptions for Caravel, Frigate and Privateer now show correct movement adjustment for Coast/Lake terrain.
    Description for Machu Picchu updated to reflect earlier changes.
    Pastures no longer give food to adjcent Districts.
    Farm bonus from River is now accomplished via the adjacencies system, rather than Modifiers. This could help the A.I. realise the importance of Farms on Rivers.
    Overfishing penalty is now accomplished via the adjacencies system, rather than Modifiers. This could help the A.I. realise the importance of Farms on Rivers.
    Cartography should now be boosted by a Great Adrmiral (apparently NumItems should've been 0, instead of 1...)
    Embarked maintenance increase now applies to all units with gold maintenance (previously civilian units were exempt).

    Strategic Resources:

    Horses stockpile cap begins at 50 (just like all the other resources).


    Palace building now starts with more Science (+2) and Gold (+1) to alleviate the slow Research in the beginning.


    Petra wonder now gives +1 food, +2 gold and +2 production (was 2,2,1).


    Reduced number of Barbarian Camps per major Civ to 3 (as in base game) since they were delaying progress in the early game and messing too much with the A.I. Civs.


    Cities are now damaged to 70% when captured (was 90).
    Each level of walls adds only 5 defensive CS (was 10).
    City attack is now reduced when starting the game in later eras.


    Recon class units now get +10 CS when defending vs. Ranged and City attacks.
    Ships now heal 25 HP/turn in friendly territory (was 20).
    Many Ancient and Classical Era units have had their starting CS lowered but this can be increased by researching Techs.
    Cavalry Units are now reduced to 2 Movement without Horses.
    Chariots bonus movement depends on having Horses.
    Tanks bonus movement depends on having Oil.
    Military Engineer moved to Tech: Engineering.
    Military Engineer boosts to all districts and buildings are now 10%.
    Military Engineer can't boost wonder production (perhaps I can make another attempt in a later update).
    Increased Gold maintenance cost for Modern and Information era naval units, except for Submarines.
    Increased CS for Battleship and later era Naval Units.
    Increased Range of Submarines back to 2.
    Submarines now get +1 Sight Range when they're on Ocean tiles. Uboats get +2.


    Recon class - Alpine promotion now gives +3 defense if unit is on a Hill or Snow terrain.
    Recon class - Ranger promotion now gives +3 defense if unit is in a Forest or Rainforest.

    Great People:

    Land units now give +4 Great General points per kill (was 5).
    Naval units now give +12 Great Admiral points per kill (was 10).


    Religious pressure from trade routes reduced to 1 (was 2 in
    Changed the enhancer belief Missionary Zeal so that religious units gain +1 movement in addition to being able to ignore terrain costs.


    Norway - Harald Hardrada - Embarked units get a discount of 1 Gold per turn. Berserker unit doesn't have an increased embarked maintenance cost.
    Former Marketplace of Ideas and Government based trade bonuses aren't working as intended (there's an upper limit of +1 per tech/civic). Removed until I can code a replacement.
    Peter's The Grand Embassy corrected to give 1 Science/Culture per Tech/Civic behind, which is the best possible without further coding.

    Tribal Villages:

    Reduced the weight of villages giving Tech and Civic boosts to 50 (was 100). This should result in fewer free boosts from villages.

    A.I. favored items lists:

    Added Philosophy tech as a favored item for A.I. seeking Science and Military victories (Hopefully this will help the A.I. keep up in the science race).
    Changed Chemistry to Medicine for A.I. seeking Science victory (since Research lab is moved there).
    Added and changed several techs for A.I. seeking military victory. For e.g. Gunpowder was changed to Metal Casting.
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