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Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) 2.8.7

Tech tree changes, naval movement increased, aiming for historical "accuracy"

  1. Big Update!

    2.7.1 CHANGES:

    Not being able to build a Plantation on Floodplains with Cotton.
    Not being able to build a Plantation on Floodplains with Sugar.

    2.7 CHANGES:

    Game should no longer fail to start without Real Strategy mod.
    Environmentalism now works as intended (was Rapid Deployment).
    Military Engineer text corrected, including the buildings that can be boosted.
    Marshes should no longer receive double the benefit from adjacent pastures.
    Embarked units should no longer get land movement penalties, for lacking horses/fuel.


    Ocean tiles now have a movement cost of 5 (see naval units below).
    Coast/Lake terrain now yields 0 Food (was 1).
    Defending across a River now gives +10 CS (was +5 in vanilla).


    Marshes can no longer be placed next to Snow or Desert terrain, nor Ice.


    Fishing Boats now yield +1 Food and +1 Gold (was only food).
    Fishing Boats no longer gets minus food from adjacent Fishing Boats (Since food from Coast is now reduced initially).
    Fishing Boats can now be built on Ocean tiles with Cartography but get -2 Gold (was Combustion and -1 Food).
    Farms now get +1 Food for every 3 adjacent Farms with Irrigation (was Feudalism).
    Farms now get +1 Food for every 2 adjacent Farms with Industrialization (was Replaceable Parts).
    Farms now get +1 Food with Replaceable Parts (was Industrialization).
    Farms now get +1 Production for having an adjacent Pasture, requires Animal Husbandry.
    Farms now get +1 Food for every 3 adjacent Woods.
    Farms now get +1 Food for every 3 adjacent Hills of the same terrain type, requires Irrigation and obsolete with Civil Engineering.
    Pastures no longer give +1 Food to adjacent unimproved tiles without Hills or Woods.
    Camps now give +2 Gold to adjacent unimproved tiles with Hills or Woods. (was +1 and included flat tiles without features).
    Farms, Terrace Farms, Polders, Stepwells, Kampung, Sphinx and Ziggurat can no longer be built adjacent to Snow terrain or Ice.
    Missile silo, Solar Farm, Wind Farm and Offshore Wind Farm now have -1 Appeal (NIMBY)

    Districts & Buildings:

    Coastal Cities border expansion rate is 10% higher.
    City-center or Harbors now gives adjacent Coast tiles +1 Food (no stacking).
    Harbors now give all Fishing Boats or Reef +1 Gold (was all Coast tiles).
    Lighthouse now gives +1 Food to Fish, Crabs and Whales with Fishing Boats (was all Coast tiles in vanilla and gold in 2.6).
    Shipyard now gives +1 Food to Fishing Boats (was all coast tiles in 2.6).
    Granaries now give the city +2% to population growth for every Farm, Fishing Boats, Polder and Terrace Farm improvement.
    Granaries now give the city +2% to population growth for every Plantation on Bananas, Olives, Spices, Sugar.
    Granaries now give the city +5% to population growth if you own the Salt resource (seems not to work when you aquire it through trade or city-state though).
    Aerodromes get +1 Gold for every adjacent District, Wonder, Ski- or Beach Resort.
    Neighboorhoods get +1 Gold for every adjacent Ski- or Beach Resort.

    Tribal Villages / Goody Huts:

    Reduced weight of Science and Culture huts to 25 (was 100 in vanilla, 50 in 2.7).
    Tribal Villages are no longer placed on Snow terrain.

    Techs / Civics:

    A lot of mostly esthetical changes to the Tech tree in the early Eras (see screenshots).
    Major changes to Techs in the Atomic and Information Era: Units and other items have been reorganized in a more chronological fashion, based on the vehicles that the in-game models are based on.
    Cattle pastures now give Niter with Metal Casting (was Gunpowder).
    Settlers are now unlocked by Code of Laws (in order to make the player aware of bonuses for coastal cities).


    Battering Rams are now unlocked by The Wheel (was Masonry).
    Increased gold maintenance of Supply Convoys to 8 (was 3).
    Drones now retreat when captured.

    Naval Units:

    All naval units take 1 HP attrition damage per turn (unless in a district).
    All Ships except Naval Raiders can now escort embarked units at their speed.
    Naval Raiders can escort Recon units and Great Admirals at their higher speed.
    Caravels and later naval units can ignore the extra movement cost of Oceans.
    Caravels, Frigates and Privateers now get minus moves only if adjacent to land or Ice (was any Coast tile).
    Battleships, Submarines and later units have had their base movement points reduced (It was previously based on the specified max speed of the vessels, instead of the specified speed for optimal range).
    Submarines now get +10 CS when defending vs land units.
    Submarines now deal minimum damage when attacking land units.

    Embarked Units:

    All embarked units (except Traders) take 1 HP attrition damage per turn (unless in a district).
    Movement cost of embarking/disembarking without Harbors/Coastal City Centers will require the entire turn.
    Embarked units can ignore the extra movement cost of Oceans after researching the Square Rigging technology.
    Maintenance cost for an embarked unit is no longer increased as long as the unit is adjacent to a "fertile" land tile (not Snow, Mountains or Ice).
    Maintenance cost for an embarked unit is doubled if the unit is in enemy naval territory.


    All governments now give trade routes to other Civs +1 Science for every Tech you are behind that Civ, and +1 Culture for every Civic you are behind.


    Trade routes to other Civs now gives them approximately 50% or less of the Gold amount that the sender gets.


    Maori no longer get extra embarked movement. In Ancient Era they start with the standard amount for Celestial Navigation, which is 4.
    Kupe now get +4 Science, +6 Gold and +2 Culture per turn before founding first City (was 2,0,2).
    Kupe's units ignores the extra movement cost of Oceans before founding first City.
    Russia's Grand Embassy trait changed to give +1 Science and Culture per international trade route.
    Sumer now has a start bias towards Horses.

    Policy Cards:

    Naval Infrastructure and Economic Union now grant Harbors production adjacency bonus, in addition to the gold bonus.


    Industrial- and Modern Roads have been restored (was Modern and Atomic).
    Ancient Roads now unlocked by Animal Husbandry.
    Classical Roads now unlocked by Construction.
    Industrial Roads now unlocked by Economics.
    Modern Roads now unlocked by Combustion.

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