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Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) 2.8.7

Tech tree changes, naval movement increased, aiming for historical "accuracy"

  1. Post September Patch Update

    The new patch didn't break the mod but I made some minor corrections and text editing.


    Updated text for Farms
    Updated text for Camp
    Updated text for Lighthouse
    Updated text for Synthetic Materials tech
    Updated text for Colonialism civic
    Updated text for Feudalism civic
    Updated text for Maori trait
    Updated text for Shipyard
    Updated text for Military Engineer
    Updated text for Supply Convoy
    Updated text for Drone
    Updated text for City-Center
    Other text updates


    Changed plantation bonus yield for Feudalism from Food to Gold, since it already receives Food from Scientific Theory tech.
    Changed lumber mill coast adjacency bonus to 1 gold per 2 adjacent coast tiles (was every one).
    Reduced Campus adjacency bonus for Reefs from +2 to +1.
    Updated Guidance systems to be a prerequisite for Lasers tech.

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