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Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) 2.8.6

Tech tree changes, naval movement increased, aiming for historical "accuracy"

  1. Fix for naval attrition


    Fixed the problem that Naval units couldn't heal.
    Traders no longer take damage on water tiles.
    The boost for Foreign trade should now be researching Sailing, as described.
    Removed some unnecessary Prerequisite Techs in the tech tree.
    Removed XP hotfix code, since it's been patched now.
    Updated text for Coastal Raiding ability.
    Added text for Trader protection ability.
    Updated text for Bireme's trader protection ability.
    Fixed some other text errors.


    Replaceable parts now requires Steam Power.
    Units take no attrition damage in water if they're on a district (Like Harbor).


    Enemy territory maintenance increase seems to be working as intended.

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