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AgS - Resource Info Panel 2016-10-05

AgS - Resource Info Panel

  1. ArgentumStudios
    An info panel displaying current resource information for your civilization, similar to the city and unit lists in the info panel.

    Release Information:

    Version 2.0:
    * Sort by name or resource totals
    * Collapsible sections for each resource type
    * Translations for DE, ES, FR, and IT
    * Bug fixes

    Version 1.0:
    * Quantity of total available resources.
    * Quantity of strategic resources used.
    * Quantity of resources imported from other major civilizations.
    * Quantity of resources exported to other major civilizations.
    * Individual sections for strategic, luxury, and bonus resources.


    1. agsresourceinfopanelscreenshot_e12.png
    2. agsresourceinfopanelscreenshot_v2_Uic.png