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AI Strategy Conditions Fix 2018-03-24

AI Strategy Conditions Error Fix.

  1. FearSunn
    UPDATED 2018.03.24:
    Another bug with Medieval Strategy fixed: "MedievalSettlements" added to Strategy_Priorities.
    With this, AI should be more active with settling new cities in Medieval and later Eras.

    There is an error in game code where AI Strategy Medieval Changes requires wrong era condition - Classical instead of Medieval era.
    For this error AI never "realizes" it is actually in Medieval era! Medieval era never "comes" to AI (with regards to strategy priorities).

    All other AI strategies based on Era are correct and require relevant to era condition: Classical Strategy requires Classical era, Modern Strategy requires Modern era and so on.

    Only Medieval Strategy set to require Classical era.

    Therefore it looks like obvious another coding error from game developers.
    This mod addresses this issue and properly sets Medieval Strategy condition to Medieval era.

    In practice it means that AI's yields and building priorities are again skewed like with well known YEILDS error. Just more dramatically. For example AI desire for food is inflated more than 160% during Classical era. Then in contrary Medieval era "in AI strategic perspective" is non-existent at all.

    Both these errors were fixed in another my mod More Strategy released back in December 2017.
    With these corrections AI performance was notably improved.
    Therefore More Strategy users do not need this fix.

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