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AIAutoPlay 2016-10-05


  1. jdog5000
    ***NOTE***: For the BtS 3.19 version Tholish put together, click here.

    Version 2.0 for BTS 3.17 (The SDK source code for this component can also be found here)
    Langauges: English, French, German

    This component allows you to automate the game for any number of turns by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-X. A popup asks you how many turns to automate for, and then the AI takes over control of your civ and you can watch what they do. The main uses of this component are debugging your own mod, watching how the AI plays, or speeding through turns you don't wish to play.

    It also allows you to generate a random scenario at any point in the game. For example, if you start an Epic game and automate for the first 300 turns, you'll then be thrust into control of an empire at the beginning of the middle ages and have to adjust to whatever scenario you find yourself in.

    This component comes with 18 civs enabled by default. It is also DLL compatible with the Better BTS AI project, you can simply replace the AIAutoPlay DLL with the other one.

    Installation Instructions

    There are three ways to use AIAutoPlay:

    1 As a mod. Place the AIAutoPlay folder which contains this readme and the Assets folder in "C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\". You can then load AIAutoPlay as a mod in the normal way or set BTS to autoload AIAutoPlay in "\My Games\Beyond the Sword\CivilizationIV.ini". This method maintains compatibility for online play but the changes in AIAutoPlay will only apply when the mod is running (not in other mods, Firaxis scenarios). Recommended if you want to easily go back to standard BTS or play online.

    2 Replace default files. The contents of the Assets folder can replace the files located in the same locations in "C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Assets\". It is recommended that you backup your current dll and other file (renaming it will work fine) before installing this version. Simply paste the contents the mod's Assets folder into the same locations in BTS's Assets folder, making sure the game isn't currently running. This method will make the AIAutoPlay changes always apply unless you load a mod with its own DLL. For online play everyone must have install AIAutoPlay in this way or things may not work correctly. Recommended if you always want to use AIAutoPlay.

    3 Merge it into other mods. Copy the AIAutoPlay files into the mod's folder, the Python custom event manager may need to be merged if the other mod has similar files. If the mod also has a custom DLL, there's a chance that the mod maker already has merged in the AIAutoPlay source code. Check with the mod maker, if you want to merge the source code yourself and build a new DLL by following this link.