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AIColosseum 2016-10-05


  1. falconne
    This utility allows the creation of a "colosseum" where instead of all the AI slots being driven off the same AI codebase, individual Civs can use the AI code of different AI mods. In combination with AutoPlay, this would allow a new AI mod to be tested dircetly against the shipped AI to see how much better it is or for testing new versions of an AI mod against an older version to make sure it really is getting better.

    Proper explanation: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=7498943#post7498943

    Brief usage:
    AIColosseum.exe --dest=<destination path> --source=<source path>,<mod name> [...]

    --dest is a folder where the colosseum code will be created. It will be created if it does not exist. NOTE: If it already exists, the source files in there will be overwritten without warning!

    --source can be included multiple times, once for each input mod. The <source path> is where to find the SDK source for that mod, and <mod name> is how the module will be identified, for naming its classes and showing against the name of leaders using that module. The first source module given will be used as the "primary" module - all the non AI classes form this mod will be copied as the basis for those classes in the colosseum source. This means, even though it's ok for the input mods to have a few differences in their non AI classes, only the functionality of those classes in the first mod will be available in the colosseum, so it should contain the superset of functionality required for all mods.

    The utility does not copy anything other than source code from the primary mod to the destination folder. You will need to copy Boost and Python folders, as well as makefiles over to the destination yourself to build it. There are no new files created, so you don't need to modify your makefiles.

    NOTE: When starting a game, make sure you select "Noble" for difficulty of the first slot, so it isn't handicapped.

    For example, to create a colosseum with the Better AI mod vs the AI shipped with BTS (which I call Vanilla) on my machine, I use:
    AIColosseum.exe --dest=D:\Dev\Civ\Colosseum --source="D:\Dev\Civ\Better AI\Trunk\CvGameCoreDLL,BetterAI" --source="D:\Dev\Civ\BTS-Original,Vanilla"

    At the moment, you can't pick which Civ gets which AI module - they get automatically allocated as evenly as possible. If you create a colosseum with 3 mods, then Slot1=Mod1, Slot2=Mod2, Slot3=Mod3, Slot4=Mod1, Slot5=Mod2... and so on. Barbarians get assigned whatever mod happens to align with the slot they're in. I will make this selectable in the future too.

    When the leader name is displayed on the interface during the game, the name of the module they are running will be appended (e.g. Alexander (BetterAI)), so you can tell who's who at a glance.