Airbase Terrain Improvement V1.1

Adds the Airbase TI to the game

  1. sman1975
    New version fixes the aircraft disappearing problem.

    Main change is you now need an Open Borders agreement to use another major Civ's airfields, not the DoF.

    You may now also use City State airfields if you are their ally.

    There is a minor graphics bug when an AI unit moves into a city. Still researching this...


    Based completely on WHoward's "Improvement - Airbases" mod:

    This version is modified so the custom DLL is no longer required. A few other small adjustments to meet the requirements of a different mod I'm working on, which needs the capabilities provided in this mod.

    Original artwork provided by (who else???) Danrell.


    Airbases Summary:

    The Airbase is a special Tile Improvement that allows you to station aircraft away from Cities or Aircraft Carriers. They become available at the discovery of Flight, and allow stationing up to 3 Units (Fighters, Bombers, and Missiles). An advanced version of the Airfield becomes available at the discovery of Radar. This `improved` Improvement allows up to 5 Units.

    Airbases may be constructed in your own territory or in unowned Desert, Grass, Plains, Snow, and Tundra Tiles. Airbases may not be built in adjacent Tiles.

    Airbases do not increase a hex`s productivity or provide access to a Resource. Instead, an Airbase permits stationing of aircraft, and also improves a hex`s defensive bonus by 25%. However, they do not provide a defensive bonus to Units in enemy territory.

    You may use another Civilization`s Airbases if you are on the same team or if you have a Declaration of Friendship in place. If a DoF is subsequently cancelled, e.g. you Denounce a Civ where you have Aircaft using one of their Airfields, then those Aircraft may remain in that Airfield, but when they move, they will not be allowed to return. If you have Aircraft in another Civ`s Airfields and then declare war on that Civ, those aircraft will be destroyed.

    upload_2018-12-14_8-25-19.jpeg upload_2018-12-14_8-25-33.jpeg upload_2018-12-14_8-25-47.jpeg upload_2018-12-14_8-26-1.jpeg
    upload_2018-12-18_10-40-26.jpeg upload_2018-12-18_10-40-57.jpeg upload_2018-12-18_10-41-14.jpeg

    Discussion Thread:

    Please Note: this mod replaces the UnitFlagManager UI, so it will be incompatible with any other mod that also replaces that UI (which is more than a few....)

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