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AleaIactaEst, the Italian mod for BTS 2016-10-05

AleaIactaEst, the Italian mod for BTS

  1. ViterboKnight
    Italy, and all the people who lived here in its whole history. A challenge to get supremacy on all your rivals, with culture, espionage, military or technology. Civilizations will have to be careful for new superpowers which rise and try to destroy the older ones. The strongest powers might fall at any time, and the weakest ones might receive some help to stay competitive; anyone could have a chance to win at any moment, if only he deserves it.
    The game will cover a small part of historical period, depending on the player's civilization selection; if you choose Romans, you'll play the classical era, and a part of medieval. This assures that every civ will have its unique items for the entire game.
    A lot of new mechanics and features, as well as victory conditions. Tons of new units and wonders. Leaders with unique characteristics. A brand new tech tree. And a huge premade Italy map as an option.

    To download the mod:
    CLICK HERE (from SourceForge)

    If you are interested in the SDK code (note: broken link... contact me if interested):

    Some walkthroughs I've posted:
    Walkthrough 1: AleaIactaEst - ancient start
    and after a huge rebalancement...
    Walkthrough 2: AleaIactaEst - ancient start
    Walkthrough 3: AleaIactaEst - classical start
    Walkthrough 4: AleaIactaEst - medieval start


    1. civ4screenshot0000_f02.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0001_Kh2.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0002_J7S.jpg
    4. civ4screenshot0003_bhT.jpg
    5. civ4screenshot0004_UzD.jpg