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Alexander the Great map 2016-10-05

Alexander the Great map

  1. SuperBeaverInc.
    Mapsize: 100x100
    Civilizations: 16
    Extension: C3C
    Mapversion: 2004/12/11
    Playfield (from west to east): Parts of Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Caucasus, Arabia, Persia, parts of India

    I designed this map to replace the greece.mp from civ2 wich is still my favorite map. After enjoing the gamespeed of civ2 I decided to make a fast playable civ3 map. I hope you'll like my first map. ^_-

    I also decided to modify some resources and terrain types to make the map faster to play. The commerceboni should not affect the gameplay too much. It should only give an advantage in the beginning. But the foodbonus to sugar will help the eastern nations (china, india, persia, random and random) to build an empire like the greece, babylonians or egypts will do. The persians take also advantage from the new goldbonus. Thanks to these changes, the east-west powerfall want be too big.

    You roman and ottoman fans outthere: You will miss them because of 3 reasons.
    1) It's a "greece" map. The greece want build an empire as big as they can conquer the hole world if they are handycaped by their own old colony Byzantion. I cant allow that. ^_^
    2) wrong time period ^_-
    3) both nations cant have historcal correct starting positions.

    In fact, these are the modifications:

    modifications to natural rescources:
    tabacco: 2 commerce instead of 1
    sugar: 2 commerce & food instead of 1
    gold: 6 commerce instead of 4
    dyes: 3 commerce instead of 1

    to difficulty levels:
    Corruption to 25% at each level

    to goverments:
    unit support cost in republic changed to 1

    to terrain types:
    seasqueres: 2 commerces instead of 1
    dessertsquers are unsettleable
    tundra, wich is not present on the map is unsattleable
    hills are unsettleable
    jungels (6 squers on the map) are unsettleable

    to map:
    16 playable nations instead of 8.
    Some natural resources are not at the correct locations (such as sugar & furs, ...).
    This map isn't 100% geographical correct (but at most, it is).

    Maybe I'll create a little scenario with this map. Maybe a 2nd with the Byzantine Empire... time will show. ^^

Recent Reviews

  1. waarzawa
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Very well designed map, not too big, lot of ressources strategically placed