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Alice 'Through the Looking Glass' Mirror 2016-10-05

Alice 'Through the Looking Glass' Mirror

  1. tom2050
    Alice "Through the Looking Glass" Mirror

    No Civ Color. Mirror 1 contains 3 directions (SE, S, SW); Mirror 2 contains 1 direction. Is a 'prop' type unit which can be used as a unit telepad, etc.

    Additional arthurs: Blue Monkey for creation of Mirror 2 which was what I based the model soley off of. Also contributed sounds. Others contributed additional animations (Balthasar), and ideas directly used for animations (Supa).

    Video and sound clips used from Alice in Wonderland 1985 film.

    Unit32, Large/Small pcx, and Sound Files included.

    Visit my Unit Factory.



    1. alicemirror_lg_m37.jpg
    2. alicemirrorfinal_0p9.gif
    3. alicemirror2_0ci.gif