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Alien civil war scenario 2016-10-05

Alien civil war scenario

  1. Darth Revan
    The year is 2194, and what predicted became truth. Reismark II attacked Human forces again to carry on the invasion. However, something unexpected happened. A certain Krovnierk, an excillian alien (excillians were enslaved by green aliens in the XVIII century), to prevent that even humans will have the same fate of the excillians, decided to rebel to Reismark II and now is the leader of the excillian rebellion on planet Earth (the rebellion has taken place even in the rest of the galaxy). Will the help of excillians save humans? Or will they be enslaved?

    The fate of the Earth is up to you guys!

    Have fun!


    1. civ4bts_20140227_145329_KLR.png