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Alien Egg Plant Alien Egg Plant extra

Outer Space Alien Egg Plant with Acid Spit and Spaceship Airdrop

  1. Vuldacon
    This Alien Egg Plant Unit has all flcs, sounds, images and comes with a ReadMe file. Ready to place in your Game.
    Also included are all images needed for an Alien Improvement.

    You can visit the Thread to see previews
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  1. Alien Egg Plant extra

Recent Reviews

  1. modmyciv
    Version: 1.0
    Good-looking and complete. The Run.flc not overly convincing, otherwise excellent. Some modification and its going straight into my fantasy mod, great piece of exotica. Thank you.
    1. Vuldacon
      Author's Response
      The Run is actually Great in Game as the Game moves the Unit... check it and see.
      .gif files as previews do Not do anything but show a basic preview of a Unit that is Much Better in Game :)
  2. Balthasar
    Version: 2017-11-18
    Unique, useful, and damn good looking for an acid-spitting pod. Looks great in-game.