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Alien Invasion scenario/mod 2016-10-05

Alien Invasion scenario/mod

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody!

    As I promised a couple of months ago, I am glad to upload a scenario about an alien invasion.
    The story is this:

    The year is 2157 and more than 20 years have passed since the first brutal mass attack of an evil alien space race ruled by the Emperor Reismark II.
    Thanks the help of a great mediator and xeno/alien linguistic expert, the humans and the aliens have signed a peace treaty... However after the BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES, where the whole american/canadian/australian/mexican army was defeated, the North America and Australia have been totally colonialized and the human survivors were enslaved.
    Meanwhile, the indipendet human civilization formed three big cohalizations which joined all together into an unique alliance to join forces in a case of a new alien attack.
    Indeed, profitating with this peace treaty Reismark II is reorganizing his army to continue the invasion of Earth.

    The scenario is contained into a mod I recreated from the Alien mod uploaded some years ago (I don't remember the authors but I give them many thanks).
    I did some changes to that mod:

    - I removed the Galatic Empire from Star Wars (Unuseful for a scenario about an Invasion of Earth);
    - I locked all the future era technology to humans (obviously the alien civilization MUST be much more advanced);
    - I did some changes to buildings (arcology, arcology shielding, deflector shielding have been transformed in basic deflector, enhanced deflector and forcefield, building reserved to alien civilizations);
    - I did some changes to units (I transformed the automatons in human supersoldiers, the unique futuristic unit i reserved to human civilizations, which require genetics to produce them), they are the strongest units which can be used to counter the alien forces;
    - UFOs can attack land units, sea units, intercept aircraft and transport units (they are a sort of jolly weapon to fulfill the alien weaponry, which I admit it is poor because I removed all human units), obviusly is wrong to see navy seal or elicopters with aliens!!!!
    - I changed the music soundtrack (i added some original alien invasion sounds from the epic scenario of Civilization II, just to give you the feeling of that great old times!)

    Have Fun!;););););)


    1. civ4bts_20140226_144602_Vgt.png
    2. civ4bts_20140226_144529_v2g.png
    3. civ4bts_20140226_144541_3D1.png
    4. civ4bts_20140226_144551_GR1.png
    5. civ4bts_20140226_144743_tjr.png
    6. civ4bts_20140226_144801_0pe.png
    7. civ4bts_20140226_144819_w02.png
    8. civ4bts_20140226_144830_820.png
    9. civ4bts_20140226_144836_z6b.png
    10. civ4bts_20140226_144844_P18.png