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All of Ekmek's Leaderheads in One Folder 2016-10-05

All of Ekmek's Leaderheads in One Folder

  1. Tholish
    This is all of Ekmek's leaderheads, current as of July 17, 2009, zipped up together in one big file. I'm doing several of these collections of work by different artists. The idea is that modders can just ask players to download this or other giant leaderhead packs to the mods directory in order to play their mods. Then each modder could access the same leaderheads by a technique I call "path raiding" just giving a path to the art presumably installed elsewhere than in the mod itself rather than to art within the mod. Thus individual mods could be smaller downloads.

    Ekmek credits Pencilgod for help with the Putin leaderhead and C_Roland for help with Mussolini.

    EDIT: I cleaned up the files a little bit so there's less packaging and made the whole thing into a mod. All the mod does is add the leaderheads to some standard civs that they sortakinda fit. To use it for another mod you can still use the Leaderhead Art XML as is. It demostrates how to do the XML.