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All Under Heaven (In Development) 2016-10-05

All Under Heaven (In Development)

  1. Huayna Capac357
    I have started developing an East Asian Mod. I will post my work here, and see what you think needs work on.

    China (Tang Taizong)
    Japan (Tokugawa Ieyasu)
    Korea (Sejong) (Thank you Shiro)
    Miao-Yao (Zhong Xang) (R8XFT's Songstam Gampo)
    Thailand (Suriyothai)* (Thank you Shiro)
    Mongols (Temujin) (Thank you R8XFT)
    Xiongnu (Mao Dun) (Thank you CivArmy)
    Manchu (Kang Xi) (Thank you CivArmy)
    Gokturks (Bumin Khan) (Thank you Shiro)

    *= While Thailand itself is not on the map, the Thai people originated in SW China before being driven from China from the Chinese, and the Thai kingdom of Nan Zhao played an important role in Chinese history. The city list has Thai city names, but deal with it.

    New city styles have been added:

    China: Ogedei's China city style
    Korea: Ogedei's Korea city style
    Japan: Ogedei's Japan city style
    Miao-Yao and Thailand: Arne's Thai city style
    Mongols, Xiongnu, Manchu, Gokturks: Ogedei's Tibetan city style

    New UUs:
    China: Chu-Ko-Nu (UtahJazz?)
    Miao-Yao: Miao-Yao Worker (Really Vietnamese Worker by Plotinus)
    Thailand: War Elephant (stolen from India)
    Xiongnu: Ordu Archer (CivArmy)
    Manchu: Banner (CivArmy)
    Gokturks: Tajik Horseman (Really Mongol Cavalry by ?Kinboat?)

    Totally redesigned (mostly renamed ) tech tree (icons and civilopedia entries made and written by me. It's the most important part; please look at them )

    No new buildings or wonders just renamed ones...

    Rhye's awesome terrain graphics

    Map: Immortals84.

    Thank you.