All Vikings Scenario Units

All Vikings Scenario Units 1.0

Adds all 3 unique units from Vikings Scenario (Huscarls, Farfanes and Caballarii), and they are now playable in base game. Caballarii are a unique Knight replacement for Germany and France, Farfanes unique Courser replacement for Spain and Arabia, while Huscarls are a unique unit for England, Sweden and Norway.

Requires Gathering Storm

Steam download link:
All 3 units can be downloaded 1 by 1 in case you don't own GS. Links for those are also available on Steam

Compatible with S&T and 6T Units, should be compatible with other mods. All units also work with all alternative leaders, those already in-game, modded or upcoming.
Have fun, if you like it or have any issues, please let me know.
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