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Alpha Centauri Maps (v.2) 2016-10-05

Alpha Centauri Maps (v.2)

  1. FramedArchitect
    Maps of Planet, the alien world from the Alpha Centauri game.


    • * Recolored Terrains
      * New graphics for Farms and Trading Posts
      * Two new sea resource: Kelp and Minerals
      * Three new Barb units: Sealurks, Spore Towers, Locusts of Chiron
      * Units that end their turn in a Xenofungus tile can be attacked and infested with Mindworms.Mindworms.

    Requirements and Compatibility
    • Gods & Kings Expansion required, Brave New World Expansion optional.

    I highly recommend using Advanced Setup options to define your game parameters, including the number of Major and Minor Civs.


    1. mop_icon_7R7.jpg
    2. mapstart_2qx.jpg
    3. map01_b7G.jpg
    4. map02_IYZ.jpg
    5. map05_21g.jpg
    6. map06_r3J.jpg
    7. map07_g5m.jpg