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Alpha Centauri Policies (v.4) 2016-10-05

Alpha Centauri Policies (v.4)

  1. FramedArchitect
    Replaces Social Policies with Social Engineering
    Social Engineering is the system from the Alpha Centauri game that allows civilizations to fine-tune their politics, economics, and values. Like Social Policies, Social Engineering choices bestow benefits on their societies, but differ in that they also come with penalties. In addition, choices also have an impact on diplomatic relations.

    Comments, criticism and bug reports here.

    For Help
    * In-game: Civilopedia -> Concepts -> Social Policies
    * In the Mod folder: Social Engineering.pdf

    Requirements and Compatibility
    * Gods & Kings Expansion required, Brave New World Expansion optional.
    * Will conflict with mods that make changes to the base game Eras.


    1. se_icon_Tg2.jpg
    2. policies_pedia_TU4.jpg
    3. policies_bnw_dR3.jpg
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