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Alternate Civics Tree 1.0

Civics progress is now linked to tech tree progress.

  1. UncivilizedGuy
    Civics tree progress is now connected to tech tree progress. No more runaway progress on the civics tree.

    One of my biggest complaints about Civ VI is the disconnect between Civics and Techs. Social policies and civics are linked to technological progress in the real world. This mod aims to fix that.

    This is inspired by Civ IV and Civ V where civics and policies are linked to techs and eras.

    Each era begins with a gateway civic that requires a 100% boost from a technology in the same era.

    Gateway civics have a very high cost to meter progress.

    Culture victory is still possible. Each era is set up as an individual tree similar to Civ 5 social policies. When you unlock the next era you are free to choose civics from that era. Gateway civics only require the previous era's gateway civic with a couple of exceptions. This way you can move on to the next era if you choose. You are not required to linger in earlier eras.