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Amazon Civilization.7z 2016-10-05

LuckyLavs's Amazon Civilization v1.0
(All women warriors)

Requires: Beyond the Sword Expansion

First you will need to download 7zip to decompress this file. It is freely available, just do a Google search for it. After you download Amazon Civilization.7z and unpack it, please be sure to read the Readme.txt file for important contains some important data about configuration options, i.e., it is more than just installation instructions...

I built this on top of SaibotLieh's Amazons Civilization mod. I have tried here to improve upon it, but I have also taken it in a different artistic direction. Here is how it is different:

-Customized Diplomacy Text was added (Both DiplomacyInfos.xml and DiplomacyText.xml). This customized text depicts the Amazons as cruel, ruthless, haughty, and harboring great contempt for men.... They are slavers, dominatrices, cannibals, misandrists, and torturers.

-A "Leaderhead Pack" of 16 female leaderheads was added. These leaderheads represent some of the finest female leaderheads ever created for CivIV by various artists who have posted their work on the civ4fanatics webpage.

-Two sets of names were provided for the Amazon leaders. Traditional Amazonian names and modernized female names.

-Various traits were added for each of the leaders.

-The Amazon units have each been renamed, to have more "fun" and "unique" sounding names---i.e., names specific to this civilization.

-Various unit models have been modified. Among them, the settler, worker, spy, paratrooper, cuirassier, and swordswoman. I felt that there were some models in StrategyOnly's Amazons mod that were too good to pass up...

-Some interface buttons have changed to correspond to the new unit models. Some unit buttons were simply redesigned to look better.

-New sounds were added for the new "Amazonian worker" model.

-Some new Civilopedia entries were added.

-The Amazonian city lists were reconstructed. There are now two possible city lists: South American Cities, and a list of various female dominions. The old city list appeared to contain only the names of Amazons, not the names of Amazonian cities, the South American cities sound equally exotic.

-A new flag was added for the Amazons.

-New Unique Building: In addition to the archery range, the Amazons now also use a Sacrificial Altar (borrowed from Aztec Civilization) instead of a Courthouse.

-Female Great Persons now properly display female names, not male names. Most of the names are taken from Saibotlieh's Female Great People Modcomp. The remainder are generic female names.

-Since some of the new units were referenced in the plural, the gametext was edited to refer to unit names which could be either singular or plural. These are minor textual changes which only improve the grammar of the in-game messages.

-Four batch files (for Windows file systems) were created to easily facilitate switching configuration settings.

Note that this is my first mod...this is also my first time posting a file on here... However I've had this tested on two machines so I think it should work okay. Also note that the readme.txt file contains a list of minor bugs I am aware of... If you have any suggestions on how to fix these bugs, please let me know.

By the way, if you don't share my vision of "Amazons" as being cruel, haughty, dominatrices and cannibals -- it is real easy to edit the in-game text. These modifications I have made are XML changes -- all the files should be in the subdirectories and should be editable by a text editor. The best one to get is Notepad++. I'm so glad I downloaded that, it really is a brilliant software editing tool...


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