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America Soundtrack mixing European and Native Amer 2016-10-05

America Soundtrack mixing European and Native Amer

  1. Leugi
    So, this is a really interesting file... I decided to change the soundtrack of the American civ to use both European and Native American Music, this was done specially to fit with anyone making Modern American Civilizations, so that they would not only sound European or Native American.

    Install instructions:
    • Unzip!
    • Search the following folder: (Civ 5 Install Folder)\Assets\Sounds\XML\
    • Replace AmericaAudio2DScripts.xml with your downloaded file. (Back up first, just in case)
    • Enjoy your new soundtrack!

    Using this soundtrack on civs that are not America

    Simply add a <SoundtrackTag>America</SoundtrackTag> on the Civilizations table at the Civilization XML file... If you don't understand how to do this, follow this thread.