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American Kingdoms Patch 2016-10-05

American Kingdoms Patch

  1. Nicheal

    >>>Link: Decided to put this Patch out of Thread in here.<<<

    American Kingdoms is one of my favorite Scenarios.
    Some Tweaks were done by Curt Sibling, its Creator, but never
    loaded up, and so they arent included on Download Section.
    My Patch includes my own Tweaks, without deleting original Files.

    You could download American Kingdoms by Sibling itself, and the
    AK Patch by Nicheal, unpack my .rar into the AK Main Folder.
    Dont worry! This is an Extension Patch, it adds some tweaked Files,
    and does nothing else. These Files are added in a Sub-Folder.

    Then you can load by double-click the 64bit Batchfile which hopefully works,
    to choose, what you want to play: The original AK by Sibling, or the AK Patch by Nicheal.
    Some Files will be overwritten. Smooth Tweaks which make it just better.
    Alternative Files by Nicheal. Just use this Patch as Addon, you wont fail!

    This is the American Kingdoms Patch 1.1 by Nicheal.

    Have Fun!



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